The Union Recorder

January 18, 2014

Mistrusting judgement of constituents unwise

The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — I find it astonishing and unfortunate that several members of the city council are against even allowing their constituents the right to vote on the type of government we may want.

All of the fulminations expressed thus far disparage the unification charter that has been created by a group of well-educated and concerned citizens. The elected officials further question the understanding of issues by the voters. The fact that the charter may not be perfect at this point in time is irrelevant. The city council and county commission members are being asked only to allow our state representatives, Rep. Rusty Kidd and Sen. Burt Jones, to carry the request for a referendum to the state legislature. The concurrence of that body would then allow us to vote on the question of unification at the next general election in November 2014.

The council and commission members are NOT being asked to do anything more than support our right to vote next November. By that time, each of us will have had the opportunity to read the charter, and make our decision, based on that Charter, regarding the creation of a unified government. It will be important in the interim for each citizen in our community to study the charter and determine if it will improve the condition of our community. Again, our elected officials are NOT being asked at this point to do more than allow the citizens of our community to exercise our right to vote next November on an issue that is of great importance to each of us.

I find it ridiculous that some of our elected officials, city and county, mistrust the judgment of the very persons who (apparently) showed sufficient wisdom to elect them in the first place. Go figure ... .