The Union Recorder

June 21, 2014

COOK: The Mayor is focusing on the wrong issue

The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — This past Friday, June 13, several friends and I were quite elated to hear Mayor Bentley call for Barry Jarrett’s resignation. Yesterday, we were all very disappointed to hear that the Council took no action. Instead, Mayor Bentley and several Council members have decided to focus on the recording of the discussion rather than the content which brought to light the asinine comments of some council members and Mr. Jarrett.

It was a legal recording of what SHOULD have been an open meeting and discussion - one that overflowed with bad attitudes, ignorant arrogance and illegal activity (under the Sunshine Law).

The people of this community should be grateful to Councilman Reynolds for bringing this to our attention — as should Mayor Bentley.

Unfortunately, the Mayor seems to be working on his own form of "retaliation" towards Mr. Reynolds while disregarding the arrogance and lack of integrity of other Council members — not to mention the questionable legal council of Jimmy Jordan. It is shameful that the ones who are embarrassed and making excuses for their own actions are turning the tables on the one that was trying to do the right thing and represent the people.

In this case, I think Mayor Bentley is trying to shoot the messenger instead of dealing with the message itself.


Cindy Cook