The Union Recorder

May 14, 2014

SMITH: Resident feels consolidation is for select few, not whole community

The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — The subject of consolidation of Milledgeville and Baldwin County has been cornered by Representative Kidd and his select committee in the name of “letting the people decide.” The City Council and county commission of the governments of Milledgeville and Baldwin County have the sole responsibility of determining the necessity to merge at this time, and when it is appropriate to ask for public permission. Atlanta does not run our local governments and Mr. Kidd should not be leveraging Atlanta politics against us and bypassing and ignoring all those Council, commission and members of the public that have concerns about the effects and operations of a consolidated government.

Our state representative Rusty Kidd is determined to by-pass our local governments in the name of a few influential and determined parties who speak the loudest. I urge each our residents to contact our local representative Kidd and tell him that we elected him to go to Atlanta and represent our interests, not to use Atlanta to place more power in the hands of the locally most influential, return “good ol’ boy” favors or attempt to control our local form of government.

Ask the following questions: Will consolidation save us money or lower our taxes? No. Will we improve our services? No. Will fewer people control local government and meet less? Yes.  

I urge each of our residents to vote NO on consolidation and contact me at with any questions or comments on this important issue.   

Sincerely and respectfully,


Phillip Smith