The Union Recorder

November 23, 2013

Plan comes together with community help

The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — In the ‘80s television show, George Peppard’s character Hannibal Smith had the catch phrase, “I love it when a plan comes together.” Recently employees of Flooring America were hoping that a plan would come together, but we weren’t sure because the plan depended upon work and contributions from total strangers.

One of our own, Joni Neese, gave birth to a two pound, two ounce baby daughter named Zoe on July 5. She was over three months early, but was in good hands at the Macon Medical Center NICU. An intestinal disorder prompted a surgery and when another surgery was needed she was moved to Egleston for the second procedure.

Joni and husband Keith spent many days traveling to Atlanta and staying at the Ronald McDonald House. While they have insurance, missing work, expenses and pending uncovered medical bills were taking a physical, emotional and financial toll.

The crew at Flooring America chipped in individually, but we needed a plan for a bigger payday. A yard sale seemed and obvious choice, but, oddly enough, no one on staff had ever held one or bought from one. We could try it, but we needed the public to help.

We got a nice story from The Union-Recorder and help from Civitan Club members Betty Hattaway, Will Reaume and Priscilla Randall and contributions from friends, customers and people who just wanted to help.

The total haul, 100 percent of which went to the Zoe Fund, was a little over $2,000. I think that’s pretty good for a bunch of amateur yard sale beginners.

While baby Zoe is still in NICU in Egleston, the prognosis is for a full recovery and a trip home in the coming weeks.

We all would like to thank all those who worked, contributed or prayed for the effort. It restored out faith in the good heart of our community which has every reason to feel totally drained form helping so many here who are in need.

Yes, we all love it when a plan comes together. It is even more beautiful when it comes together because a community comes together.

God bless you all,

Darrell Black