The Union Recorder

November 23, 2013

Building underground might be a needed community solution

The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — I just wonder when the city council is going to grow a set and finally say “enough is enough.”

I don’t live in the city but Milledgeville is still “my town”. I moved here in the seventies because this is where my wife was from and I liked it. I liked the older part of the town with its great colonial style homes, it’s quiet streets and beautiful lawns. I liked it even more as I began to learn the history of this great little town.

Even with its industry, Central State and the lake Milledgeville had a personality that made it comfortable and become home to me. It was nothing to ride down the street and even some of the roads in the county and have people you had never met wave or nod their head.

I wrote a letter about this once before about five or six years ago and it’s a matter that never seems to go away, the eroding away of the historical community and its great old homes. There is just something I don’t understand. Once the boundaries were set and the guidelines established regarding it that should have been it. Period, end of story.

But no, just like a kid wanting candy the issue keeps coming up until mom or dad wears down and gives in. So is the city on this issue of sororities and fraternities in some of the older areas of the town.

Good parents know when to say no and mean it. So should the city. This issue should not be allowed have to raise its ugly head time after time. The city council should not even let the question about housing come to the table ever again.

I have nothing against the college. I know it has always been an important part of the community, but the college needs the city just as much as the city needs it. Why should accommodating the college lead to the deterioration of the city heritage.

Its just like the parking problem. When the college builds it should be taking the movement and parking of the students into consideration. I know they have busses which are doing a great job, but up and out is not the only way to grow. All over Atlanta and other growing communities buildings are being built with parking decks below ground integrated in the design.

That’s just my opinion,

Russell Martin