The Union Recorder

March 5, 2013

Legislative update: State Rep. Rusty Kidd (I-Milledgeville)

The Union-Recorder

ATLANTA — We are halfway through the Legislative Session. Here is some legislation pending as of Feb. 27th:

HB 318 – Georgia Tourism Development Act, Rep. Ron Stephens

To create the Agricultural Commodity Commission for Georgia grown products.

HB 338 – Georgia Council for the Arts, Rep. Joe Wilkinson

The legislation clarifies the role of the Georgia Council for the Arts as it relates to economic development by making the council an advisory body.

HB 176 – Mobile Broadband, Rep. Don Parsons

The legislation will allow previously approved wireless support structures and wireless facilities to be modified collocated without additional zoning or land use review.

HB 315 – Nurses; continuing competency requirements, Rep. Sharon Cooper

Beginning in the 2016 license renewal cycle, applicants must satisfy one of 1 of 5 continuing competency requirements.

HB 317 – Medical Practice Act, administrative medicine licenses, Rep. Sharon Cooper

To allow for “administrative medicine” to be defined and licensed in the State of Georgia.

HB 179 – Pharmacy Audit Bill, Rep. Andrew Welch

No recoupment of the cost of drugs or medicinal supplies.

HB 219 – Juvenile proceedings, Rep. Buzz Brockway

Amends code provisions when a child was a victim of sexual abuse or trafficking.

HB 99 – Amount of malt beverage produced by a person at their residence, Rep. Jason Spencer

No more than 100 gallons per year may be produced by a person in their residence.

HB 122 – Sexual offender registration Review Board, Rep. Kevin Tanner

Allows GBI and the Board of Pardons and Paroles to share confidential supervision records of an offender with the Sexual Offender Registration Review Board.

HB 178 – Pain management clinics, Rep. Tom Weldon

Requires all pain management clinics to be licensed by the board and biennially reviewed. They are also required the clinics to be owned by physicians licensed in the state.

HB 235 – Optometrists, Rep. Earl Ehrhart

Allows optometrists to continue to prescribe schedule III – IV drugs.

HB 132 – Georgia Board of Pharmacy and Board of Dentistry, Rep. Lee Hawkins

Transfer the administration of the Georgia State Board of Pharmacy and Dentistry from the Secretary of State to the Department of Community Health.

HB 68 – Continuing education orthotics or prosthetics, Rep. Rusty Kidd

Continuing education of no less than 40 hours for persons licensed to practice orthotics and prosthetics.

HB 254 – Motor vehicles; electronic proof of insurance, Rep. Bruce Williamson

Allows an electronic copy of ones proof of insurance to be accepted by law enforcement as actual proof of valid insurance.

HB 356 – Airport Security, Rep. Alan Powell

No person enter into the restricted access area of a commercial service airport while knowingly possessing a weapon.

HB 372 – Hope Scholarships, Rep. Christine Coomer

To change the qualifications for the HOPE Scholarships for technical colleges to a 2.0 grade average.

HB 373 – Cemetery and funeral services, Rep. Carl Rogers

Separates the provisions applicable to each.

HB 374 – State and local ad valorem tax, Rep. Bruce Williamson

Used car dealers that directly finances the sale of a used motor vehicle to either pay the full amount of the state and local ad valorem tax fees at the time of sale of pay 50% at the time of sale and 50% within 12 months of the date of sale.

HR 361 – Local School Board Study Committee, Rep. David Wilkerson

Create a House Committee that will look at the most effective way to approach state involvement with local boards of education.

SB 169 – Sampling by dealer of alcohol, Senator Cecil Staton

A retail consumption dealer of alcohol may engage in the sampling and the hosting of tasting events under certain terms and conditions.

HB 274 – Falconry, Rep. Jon Burns

In order to trap, take, transport, or possess raptors for falconry, one must first possess a valid falconry license.

HB 287 – Division of Archives and History, Rep. Matt Hatcher

Reassigns the Division of Archives and History from the Secretary of State’s office to the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia.

HB 141 – Kidnapping; human trafficking, Rep. Edward Lindsey

Requires certain businesses (bars, primary airports, bus stations, truck stops, etc.) to post a national human trafficking hotline number.

HB 154 – Workers Compensation, Rep. Mark Hamilton

Establishes a 400 week pay out on medical for non-catastrophic case, beginning July 1, 2013. Mileage and expenses will be paid within 15 days instead of 30. Requires a good faith effort on return to work, or otherwise a loss of reinstatement of benefits. Interest payments will be lowered from 7% to 5% on advances. Pay-out increases of 5% will take place on July 1, 2013.

HB 424 – Bullying, Rep. Keisha Waites

Proposes legislation to require annual reporting of bullying incidents.

SB 94 – Advanced Practice Nurses; imaging, Senator Fran Millar

Eliminates the term “life threatening situations” in order for Advanced Practice Nurses to order imaging (X-rays and other scans)


Representative Rusty Kidd can be reached at: (Office) 478 452-1354, (Capitol) 404 656-0202 or