The Union Recorder

March 13, 2014

GC class hopes to promote healthy decision-making

Vaishali Patel
The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — Nearly 30 students in Georgia College’s Art and Social Justice class are hoping to make an impact on the lives of youth and families living in the Harrisburg neighborhood through a poster project.

“We’re studying how art can represent current social issues and demonstrate certain groups that have been suppressed or unrecognized,” said Elizabeth Ediger, student in the class. “We’ve noticed pretty often that minorities are often underrepresented in advertisements and art. We want to make an effort to recognize that happens and be inclusive in gender, race and economic situations.”

The class, made up of half art and half sociology students, is taught by Dr. Sandra Godwin, associate sociology professor, and Valerie Aranda, art professor.

“We do this project every year to help prepare the students for a mural project later,” Godwin said. “We hope the themes they explore will continue through the audience. We hope students see themselves as part of the community and contributing to it.”

Students are split into groups and each group creates a poster that promotes a message of healthy living to kids.

“My group’s poster is titled ‘Your Community, Your Outlet.’ We’ve used a lot of browns, yellows and greens to show someone running and biking on the walking track around the community garden. You can see rows of vegetables and happy and energetic children gardening together,” Ediger said. “We’re showing how important it is to work together as a community, and the different ways of eating healthy and exercise can influence your life in a positive way.”

Sophomore Leah Collier and her group created a “Eat Super, Be Super” poster focused on the fruits and vegetables that will be produced in the Harrisburg community garden.

“In our poster, we used a kids-aged superhero that kids can relate to in the community,” Collier said. “We want kids to aspire to be healthy. We hope kids get to see our posters and get really inspired by the messages. Even if it’s one kid that’s inspired by any of the posters, then [this project] is worth it.”

Students will present their poster projects and dedicate them to the Collins P. Lee Center in hopes of educating and encouraging Harrisburg community families about healthier lifestyles. The presentation will be held at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, March 13 at Collins P. Lee Center. Refreshments will be provided.

“We’re trying to draw the community in and we hope to revitalize the community to bring them together,” Ediger said. “We want to appeal to the kids to show them healthy eating and living an active lifestyle can better their lives, and it can be fun too.”

For more information about the poster presentation, like the Harrisburg Community Poster Presentation Facebook page.

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