The Union Recorder

July 26, 2012

Candidate Q&A: Burt Jones

The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — What significant legislation would you propose to create a stronger economic environment in Baldwin County?

I would propose legislation that would re-align state agencies to serve as replacement for the jobs that have been lost due to all the state agencies that have been closed in our district. Baldwin County has been targeted for a disproportionate amount of cuts as compared to the rest of the state and a re-alignment would help ease the pain of these job losses.

What qualifies you to be the district's senator?

In addition to meeting the legal qualifications, age, citizenship, and residency in state; what qualifies me most is my knowledge of business criteria.  This area is in desperate need of economic development, which is my background. As President of JP Capital Insurance, I understand what it takes to create jobs and help with the building of the tax base for the benefit of all the local citizenry.

As a state senator, what would you do differently than the incumbent as a leader in Atlanta?

My first responsibility will be to the citizens in the 25th District.  One of the things I would do differently as State Senator is to ensure that the state's agenda did not include a disproportionate cut of state jobs to one local area as has been experienced here in Baldwin County.  


What do you see as the impact of Central State Hospital's closure in Baldwin County?

The obvious impact is the loss of hundreds of heretofore reliable employment opportunities for

Baldwin County citizens. This causes disruption to people's lives and their livelihood; some of those citizens may have to relocate to other areas to secure employment.

What single legislation would you propose that would have the greatest impact on Baldwin County?

I believe legislation to realign state agencies in a more equitable fashion would have the greatest impact on Baldwin County. (See question 1)

What would you have proposed as a contingency plan at Central State Hospital?

Had this community been treated fairly, a plan would have been put in place to balance the realignment of state cuts across multiple facilities versus targeting the Baldwin County area.