The Union Recorder

July 26, 2012

Candidate Q&A: Paul Broun

The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — How do you weigh party pressures to vote as a block versus voting in the best interest of your constituents and work in bi-partisanship?                       

My actions and voting record are based upon principles, not politics. I submit all legislation to a Four Way Test: 1. Is it morally correct? 2. Is it constitutional? 3. Is it necessary? 4. Is it affordable? If the answer to each of these isn’t “yes,” then I do not support the bill. Sometimes I receive criticism and pay a political price because of my votes, but I am consistently true to the Constitution and conservative principles.


How have you made Georgia’s citizens have a better, stronger economic environment and more job opportunities?

We must re-vitalize our economy by reducing taxes and job-restricting regulations that kill job growth.

I authored the JOBS Act based upon immediate tax cuts to enable small businesses, the heart and soul of our economy, to grow again and create jobs. My bill proposes to: 1. Eliminate the corporate income tax. 2. Eliminate capital gains taxes. 3. Allows 100% expensing of certain business assets and one year extension of bonus depreciation.

I was directly involved in helping bring Caterpillar’s new 1,000,000 square foot manufacturing facility into the 10th District. Ground was broken in February and the hiring process has begun. Caterpillar will hire 1,400 employees and another 2,400 jobs will be created in the area by Caterpillar suppliers. The total economic impact is projected to be 2.5 billion dollars.


As a Congressman, what can you do moving forward to preserve the current assets at Plant Branch to prevent job losses and closures?

I will continue to work for repeal of Boiler MACT. I am also working to rein in the excesses of the Obama Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA’s extreme regulations are directly responsible for threatening the existence of Plant Branch and the jobs of its employees. As an instrument of President Obama’s policies the EPA is destroying thousands of American jobs, restricting American energy production, and increasing the prices that American consumers pay for energy and every product that they buy. One of my goals is to abolish the EPA.


Please discuss your voting record on women’s reproductive rights and explain your stance on these issues.

As a physician I know that life begins at conception. I am 100% Pro Life. I am dedicated to protecting innocent human life. I am the author of the Human Life Amendment to the Constitution which will restore legal protection to unborn babies. I am endorsed by Georgia Right to Life.


What sets you apart from your opponent that qualify you as a more effective leader in Congress?

I am a constitutional conservative with a proven record.  We must restore constitutionally limited government and stop the out-of-control spending and deficits that are destroying America. In this session of Congress alone, I have offered more measures to stop the outrageous spending in Washington than any other Member. Because of my work I have been honored to receive recognition from leading conservative groups:  National Taxpayers Union’s “Taxpayers’ Friend Award,” Citizens Against Government Waste “Taxpayer Super Hero Award,” and Americans for Tax Reform “Hero of the Taxpayer Award.” These folks are on-the-ground and in-the-battle against the liberal policies that harm our economy, waste your tax dollars, and threaten your freedom. They know that I am walking the walk, not just talking the talk. And that’s also why the NRA has endorsed me.