The Union Recorder

July 29, 2012

Candidate Q&A: Ben Quinn

The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — How do you feel the board of education can be more transparent in its dealings?

One thing I would like to see is having meeting televised or web streamed. Another thing is showing taxpayers where there money is spent and show how it was used.

What about ethics — how accountable should individuals in public office be? The people in office should be held accountable for there actions and the ethics they have to abide by. One thing that comes to mind is that a nepotism policy is not one policy the board has but it needs one. When should they step down? As soon as they know and it would not cost taxpayers money like it has been done in the past.

Are you opposed to raising the mileage rate?

Yes, I am opposed of a millage rate increase cause if you look at the current rat of 16 mills why would you go higher? As I am starting my candidacy I am going to say I will never vote for a millage rate hike. I will only vote to lower the millage rate.

What do you think board members can do to foster a better environment to retain quality teachers?

One thing we could do is engage the teachers in a meeting and let them air concerns and listen to them and make the right choices to implement the ideas of the teachers .The current teachers we have in the system need [to be] recognized more and future teachers need to be given more of a chance unlike a teacher I know was in the system for two years and made 80 percent on CRCT for the class and was told her contract was not being renewed. That was some way to show a new teacher about Baldwin County. That was wrong, and I want to change the way teachers are dealt with cause I want Baldwin County Schools to be one of the best in the state so we will have teachers wanting to come here instead of leaving.

How would you describe the role of a school board member in meeting the needs of constituents and serving the overall needs of the school system?

One thing I say is have open communication and being active in the community and let the constituents know they can call me anytime (478) 251-6865 and I will answer the phone unlike others. Being in the schools everyday, you will know what they need and then you can get the information to the right person. I will be more active in the schools and will listen to all the teachers and staff to show them I am there for the kids and them.

What top three areas or improvements would you make to reduce costs in system operations?

One thing is never spend more than you have. Balance the budget. Look at more than teachers for cuts, and one thing I see, is we need to get all the schools on the same system and not let some lack and others not; and one thing I would like to see is that all schools are on the same AC system and other things.