The Union Recorder

April 16, 2014

HODGES: Sunday is coming

Jay Hodges
The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — The day Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, people cheered him, laid palm branches in his path, and watched as their hero came to the Holy City. Rather than just accept their praise and adulation, Jesus rode into the temple and chased out the money changers, creating a deep friction between himself and the leaders of the Temple. Things were going to get bad in a hurry.

During that week evil began to gather its forces, and by Friday it unleashed its greatest attack. The hero who was welcomed on Sunday was condemned to die by the religious leaders and the secular leaders who did not want challenge to their position of authority and power. Jesus, the teacher and rabbi who traveled the roads of Galilee and taught the love of God, healed the sick, restored the broken, and brought hope to those in despair, this Jesus became the focus of anger, hatred and disgust. On Friday, he was hung on a cross to die. Those who had been troubled by his ministry, those whose beliefs had been threatened by one who advocated just loving God and neighbor, those who could not tolerate one who called us to forgive those who hurt us, all felt good about having gotten rid of this nuisance.

What they could not have known was that Sunday was coming.

On that Easter Day so long ago, God took all that evil could do and not only defeated evil, but created a new path to God, a new way for us to enter into a living relationship with God. Salvation was opened up to the world because of what God did on that Sunday morning, and the world has never been the same.

It would have been nice if evil had been eliminated from the world on that day, but in John’s Gospel, Chapter 3, he said that Jesus came into the world as light, but we preferred the darkness because of our sins.

You would think that evil would have learned, Sunday is coming.

Today evil still does its work to try to ruin our lives. There are those who think they can intimidate us with their strength, and they do their best to beat us down; and for a time it might look like they are successful. But Sunday is coming. God is not going to be defeated by anything or anyone. Evil might create all kinds of havoc in our lives, but Sunday is coming, and God is going to make things right.

That is the good news of Easter, my friends. I know some of us suffer because of evil. Some of us are victims of others who do not care about us and who think they can de-humanize us, but Sunday is coming. Because we belong to the Lord God, God will make it right.

I know some of us need hope in our lives because right now things look bad. I know what that feels like because I have been there, too. And every time God has come at just the right time, just like at Easter. God is in the business of redeeming our lives, and God does not give up on that job.

So keep in mind that, even though Friday looks like the end of all good, Sunday is coming. What God will do may be completely unexpected, just like that first Easter, but Sunday is coming.

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