The Union Recorder

December 28, 2013

Explorers encourages respect between youth and the law

The Union-Recorder


Local youth with a budding interest in law enforcement are gaining an inside track thanks to a program through the Milledgeville Police Department. 
The Milledgeville Explorers are a part of a Learning for Life offshoot of the Boys Scouts, the country's largest youth serving organization. The program is geared toward ages 14 to 20.
Participants get the opportunity to travel and compete in activities such as crime scene investigation and physical fitness, but what's more is they learn to challenge themselves. The program also provides unique opportunities for these young people to meet and engage with not only law enforcement professionals but also emergency personnel and others. Most importantly, however, the program bridges a bond between local youth and local police officers while providing law enforcement education. 
It's a positive influence for local young people to have access to, developing their leadership skills along the way and teaching them how to overcome challenges as well.
Yes, they learn about how police work is done but they also develop skills that are a potential benefit in other educational ventures. 
This program and others like it provide local youth a greater understanding and respect for local law enforcement and emergency personnel. This unique relationship between participating young people and police helps develop that level of respect and insight into the importance of what these leaders do for the community and is imperative to establish at a young age so that it is more likely to carry over into adulthood.