The Union Recorder

December 10, 2013

Crime Digest

The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — The following is information compiled from public records taken from reports of the Milledgeville Police Department and the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office. It is our policy to not disclose the names of victims. These reports do not reflect guilt or innocence. An “arrest” does not always indicate incarceration. The charges filed are noted in the narrative.

Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office

Damage to Property

A vehicle owner reported Nov. 19 that the rear bumper of his SUV has been cracked.


A Frazier Drive resident reported Nov. 18 that her home had been entered. Nothing was reported stolen.

Criminal Damage to Property

Individuals on Allen Memorial Drive reported gun shots Nov. 19. There was visible damage to property and officers were able or collect shell casings and bullets.

Theft of Service

The Baldwin County Water and Sewer Department reported theft of service Nov. 19 at a residence on Shana Drive.



Milledgeville Police Department

Theft by Shoplifting

A business on North Columbia Street reported Nov. 25 that a woman had stolen $67.09 worth of goods. The woman was arrested and cited with theft by shoplifting.

Theft by Shoplifting

A thrift store on South Wilkinson Street reported Nov. 25 that an individual had stolen a video camera.

Theft by Taking

A Briarcliff resident reported Nov. 26 that a handgun had been stolen from her home.


A resident of Legacy Way contacted the police Nov. 26 when she found her door frame broken and the door cracked. A television was stolen, a DVD player and a hair straightener, valued at $308.

Theft by Taking

A store in the mall reported Nov. 26 that a ring valued at approximately $10,000 was stolen.

Armed Robbery

Officers responded to a call for an armed robbery Nov. 27 when two individuals entered a residence on North Liberty Street. A man was assaulted with a cane and $150 cash was taken from him. The men fled the scene when the homeowner got her phone to call the police.

Theft by Shoplifting

An employee of a North Columbia Street business reported Nov. 27 that an employee had been drinking Red Bulls while on duty without paying for them. The Red Bulls amounted to $91.12. She was issued a trespass from the business and charge with theft by shoplifting.


An individual reported Nov. 27 that an acquaintance’s apartment on Legacy Way had been broken into and that the acquaintance was out of town.


An individual reported Nov. 27 that an unknown person(s) had spent $262 on her debit card over eight purchases.


An individual reported Nov. 27 that someone had taken out two fraudulent loans in his name, one worth $30,000, the other worth $10,000.

Criminal Trespass

An apartment manager reported Nov. 27 that a tenant became verbally abusive when he was denied the use of the office phone and knocked two pickets off of a fence on the property.

-Compiled by Dakota DeVries-Crowdis