The Union Recorder

October 11, 2013

Crime Digest, Oct. 11, 2013

Crime Digest

The Union-Recorder


A resident of North Liberty Street reported that when she returned home from a hospital stay on Oct. 2 $200 worth of groceries and $60 in cash had been stolen from her residence.


A North Elbert Street resident reported that approximately $250 worth of electronics were stolen from her home. There were no signs of forced entry.


An Evan Avenue homeowner stated that while away from her home for five minutes the screen of her back window was ripped off and $30 in cash was stolen.

Discharging Firearm

During a fight on North Lincoln Street a bystander, related to one of the people involved in a fight, fired multiple shots into the air.

Entering Auto

An individual reported work materials valued at more than $1500 as stolen from a vehicle when it was parked overnight on Lakeside Drive.

Entering Auto

An individual discovered his car had been ransacked while it was parked on South Liberty Street and demanded that the man removing items from the vehicle put everything back. The man had removed a GPS, a black rope and a radar detector. The car owner stated that the man took everything out of his pockets, including his own car keys, and put them on the car seat and walked away.


A man reported that his credit cards were stolen after asking a woman to drive him to the hospital when he was having difficulty breathing. He was transported to Macon and he discovered, when he was released, that there were fraudulent charges on his cards.