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January 31, 2014

Crime Digest, January 31, 2014

The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — Milledgeville Police Department reports published Jan. 31, 2014.

The following is information compiled from public records taken from reports of the Milledgeville Police Department and the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office. It is our policy to not disclose the names of victims. These reports do not reflect guilt or innocence. An “arrest” does not always indicate incarceration. The charges filed are noted in the narrative.

Milledgeville Police Department

Disorderly Conduct

An individual was arrested Jan. 17 for disorderly conduct after he attempted to gain entry to a downtown business after being escorted out. He resisted arrest when contacted by officers and was also charged with obstruction of law enforcement.

Theft of Mislaid Property

A man reported that he lost his phone Jan. 17 and when he attempted to locate his phone using an application and saw that it was moved to another location.


A man reported Jan. 17 that a family member had used his and his mother’s bank account information to write fraudulent checks.

Criminal Trespass

A family from Heritage Road reported that someone attempted to break into their home Jan. 17.

Theft by Shoplifting

A man was arrested Jan. 18 and cited with theft by shoplifting after attempting to steal merchandise from a North Columbia Street store.

Armed Robbery

Three men reported Jan. 18 that they were attacked by three men outside a downtown business.

Willful Obstruction

Officers approached a vehicle Jan. 19 after seeing eight people attempt to get inside. One individual was particularly disruptive during a conversation and when he was led to a patrol car he attempted to flee. He was charged with obstruction of law enforcement and underage possession of alcohol.

Criminal Damage to Property

A car owner reported Jan. 19 that his vehicle was damaged while parked downtown.

Terroristic Threats

A renter reported Jan. 19 that his landlord was threatening him with bodily harm.


A South Jefferson Street reported Jan. 20 that someone had ripped the screen mesh away from one of her windows.

—Compiled by Dakota DeVries-Crowdis