The Union Recorder

January 15, 2014

Crime Digest

The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — The following is information compiled from public records taken from reports of the Milledgeville Police Department and the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office. It is our policy to not disclose the names of victims. These reports do not reflect guilt or innocence. An “arrest” does not always indicate incarceration. The charges filed are noted in the narrative.

Milledgeville Police Department


Two individuals were arrested Dec. 31 after an anonymous tip was received that a man was selling cocaine. The men were seen exchanging cash and a small baggy of a white powdered substance. The man purchasing the cocaine was charged with possession and public drunkenness. The man selling was charged with possession with intent to distribute and possession of a drug related object.

Aggravated Assault

A gun was taken into evidence by the MPD Jan. 1 after shots were reported fired at a residence on N. Lincoln Street.

Disorderly Conduct

Four individuals were detained and arrested Jan. 1 after it was reported they were involved in and altercation with a fifth party. They admitted to drinking and were charged with disorderly conduct and underage possession of alcohol.

Aggravated Assault

Officers reported to an apartment complex on North Lincoln Street Jan. 1 when calls came into dispatch about shots fired and a person wounded. The wounded individual had been shot in the arm, and witnesses to the shooting stated they had barely been missed by bullets. Multiple buildings on the property had been damaged. A van with children inside that had been leaving the property had also been shot at and the van was struck.


A resident of Grandview Drive reported Jan. 1 that her daughter’s laptop had been stolen from her home.

—Compiled by Dakota DeVries-Crowdis