The Union Recorder

November 23, 2013

Crime Digest

The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — The following is information compiled from public records taken from reports of the Milledgeville Police Department and the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office. It is our policy to not disclose the names of victims. These reports do not reflect guilt or innocence. An “arrest” does not always indicate incarceration. The charges filed are noted in the narrative.

Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office

Disorderly Conduct

A Harmony Church Road resident reported Nov. 8 that two individuals damaged panels on her trailer when attempting to get to an injured dog from underneath the trailer.

Damage to Property

A Stewart Drive homeowner reported Nov. 8 that during the evening of Nov. 3 after she had gone to bed she heard a loud crash in the back of her house. She noted several holes in the side of her home. Officers confirmed the damage.

Entering Auto

A man reported Nov. 8 that a 9mm pistol was stolen from his vehicle while it was parked on Nathaniel Drive sometime in October.


A resident of Merry Drive reported the theft of a laptop and a cell phone from his home on Nov. 8.

Criminal Trespass

A woman reported Nov. 8 that she and a fellow Colony Farm Road resident had a verbal altercation when she was attempting to see the other resident’s home. Both parties were advised to avoid one another.

Criminal Damage

A resident of Daphney Street reported Nov. 9 that she found a cinderblock beside her vehicle and a dent and scratches on the rear driver’s side door.

Criminal Trespass

A resident of Pounds Road reported Nov. 9 that someone had damaged the screen on the back porch door, tearing it halfway off.

Theft by Taking

A woman reported Nov. 10 that $2,800 in cash had been stolen from her.

Terroristic Threats

A South Main Street resident reported Nov. 10 that a woman walked past her home, and when the resident’s dog began barking at her the woman threatened to return with a gun and kill the resident, her children and her whole family.

Criminal Damage to Property

A Brenda Lane resident reported Nov. 10 that when he attempted to use his boat it began filling with water and he was barely able to get the boat back to the shore. He was then noticed an oval shaped hole in the boat as well as scratches and dents to the side and bottom.

Entering Auto

A man reported Nov. 8 that someone attempted to enter his home on North Columbia Street. After the incident he noticed that a 9mm handgun had been stolen from his vehicle.

Criminal Trespass

A business owner on Garrett Way reported Nov. 9 that someone had drilled eight holes into the side of the building while the store was closed.

Damage to Property

A man reported Nov. 9 that while he was at a business on Allen Memorial Drive an employee left a buggy unattended and it rolled into his vehicle, scratching it.

-Compiled by Dakota DeVries-Crowdis