The Union Recorder

November 12, 2013

Crime Digest, Nov. 12, 2013

The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — The following is information compiled from public records taken from reports of the Milledgeville Police Department and the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office. It is our policy to not disclose the names of victims. These reports do not reflect guilt or innocence. An “arrest” does not always indicate incarceration. The charges filed are noted in the narrative.

Milledgeville Police Department


A man was arrested Nov. 1 after it was reported that he knocked another person to the ground and began slamming his head on the concrete. He was charged with battery.


A resident of Anthony Way called 911 Nov. 1 to report that someone was breaking into her home. Officers observed a shoe print on the back door where it had been kicked and a window that had been pushed up. The homeowner said that cash had been stolen from the residence while she was locked in her bathroom.

Theft by Shoplifting

An employee of a business on North Jefferson Street reported Nov. 1 that a man had stolen a pack of crackers and two packages of jerky.

Criminal Trespass

A person reported Nov. 1 that a man was at his home even though there was a stay away order in his name. The individual who trespassed has since had a warrant taken out in his name.

Simple Battery

A business on North Columbia Street reported that a customer became irate when attempting to return a DVD and threw the item at the employee, striking her on the hand. Officers confirmed the reports with surveillance footage.

Theft by Shoplifting

A man was arrested Nov. 3 and charged with theft by shoplifting and disorderly conduct after attempting to steal a bag of chips from a business on East Hancock Street. When the store employee began calling the police the individual became agitated and tried to leave the store, the employee took the offender to the ground and held him there until officers arrived.

Compiled by Dakota DeVries-Crowdis