The Union Recorder

June 28, 2013

Crime Digest, June 28, 2013

Crime Digest

The Union-Recorder


Officers were dispatched to a South Wayne Street gas company at approximately 8:09 a.m. June 25 in reference to a burglary. Upon arrival, officers made contact with the complainant who stated that when he arrived at the location he noticed that the front door was unsecured. Approximately $200 worth of change and a North American Arms .22 Caliber Magnum Mini Revolver was reported missing.

Theft by Taking

A man at a Heritage Place apartment building June 20 reported the theft of a mortar mixer he had leased from United Rentals on Marshall Road. The man stated that his foreman told him about the theft and also that there was a suspicious man in the area going through the trash bin getting out old masonry products. The same vehicle that the subject was seen driving was also seen at a later date with a mortar mixer.


Officers were dispatched to a South Wayne Street business June 24 in reference to a burglary. Upon entering the building, the complainant stated that he discovered that someone had broken into the building and broke into seven washing machines. Officers observed damaged lights in the rear of the store, which appeared to have been smashed in order to conceal the subject(s) activities. An unknown amount of change was reported missing from the laundry mat.

Entering Auto

A man reported the theft of stereo equipment from his vehicle June 24 while it was parked at a North Columbia Street location. The man left his car at the location during the weekend, but when he returned he found that someone had taken a CD player, amp and speakers from the vehicle.