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August 21, 2012

Great Brigadoon performances done

Tom Toney
The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — “Now if ye think this weddin’ day was just a bit amiss, then I will tell ye ‘bout a wedding far more daft than this...”

If you were at the Milledgeville Players production of “Brigadoon” this past week, then you know all the details about the Wedding Day of the mother of the vivacious Meg Brockie, as she provided them in one of the most complicated songs, from a singing perspective, in the entire play. But wonderful Leanne Branch was more than up to the task, as her interpretation of this song was one of the many highlights enjoyed by audiences in more than four performances.

Just like “Jeannie’s Packing Up,” the M’ville Players have packed up from Russell Auditorium. The sets are gone but the memories will be there for a long time.

There really was something special about this play. It may have been the combination of cast, technical folks, the play itself and maybe even the magical nature of the story of “Brigadoon” that just seemed to make this show a memorable event.

We had some incredible singing, dancing and acting taking place. And as I have said before, this is community theater. The people involved were often coming to rehearsals after working full-time jobs all day, taking classes, doing household chores, etc. They gave up a large chunk of their summer to put on this play.

I’ve mentioned some of the principal players in previous columns, but in a great big old musical like this, everyone is important. And this was a “great big old musical” — I’m not sure I even realized how large a cast I had assembled until we started rehearsing the curtain call last Monday.

We had people as townsfolk and “young lads and lasses” of Brigadoon whose experience with the Milledgeville Players (and often theatrical productions of any type) ranged from pretty often to previously non-existent.

Folks like Patrick Bohannon, Thomas Babb, Angel Abney, Will Humphrey, Leeann Kelley, Johanna Adams, Mariah Manoylov, Jennifer and Emma Van Amburg, Nathan Mitchell, Dillon Vogt, Hannah Swinton, Jenny Bryant (who commuted every day from Dublin to be in this show!)....and so many others.

Thank you.

And thanks to all of you who came out. We had some good crowds and some great responses from folks who were there. If you weren’t there, you truly missed an outstanding musical.

Yeah, I know what some of you are thinking — “Come on Tom. Your column isn’t usually this sentimental.”

You’re right.

I’m just so damn proud of this cast.

But, moving on, next time I will be back to telling you about other upcoming events in the Milledgeville area. But that means I need to KNOW about those events.

So here is one of my regular reminders — if you have something coming up regarding art, music, theater or just about anything else that could be considered sort of “artsy,” send me a notice about it. It can involve school plays, first Friday events, Greenway concerts, etc.

But I can’t report on them if I don’t have any information. So send me some information. The e-mail address should be magically provided below. Just sending it to The Union-Recorder will NOT get it to me. I have a day job elsewhere. The U-R allows me this space because so many readers have reported that my column seems to be the perfect size and texture to wrap fish in.

So after going through about 50,000 different clan names and titles in her song, Meg and the chorus concluded “...There never was a day as rare as her mother’s wedding day!”

Catch you on the flip side.

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