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May 29, 2012

Before Brigadoon, email your events

Tom Toney
The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — “Can’t we two go walkin’ together, out beyond the valley of trees? Out where there’s a hillside of heather, Curtseyin’ gently in the breeze.”

A beautiful lyric from one of many beautiful songs from the Lerner and Loewe classic musical “Brigadoon.” And as one play from the Milledgeville Players sails into the sunset (the wonderfully suspenseful “Wait until Dark”), it’s time to start getting the sea legs sturdy under the next production, a fanciful musical full of wonderful songs.

“Brigadoon” tells the story of a Scottish village that a couple of Americans stumble upon while on a hunting excursion in the late 1940’s. But there is something decidedly odd about this village.

It does not appear on any map. Its inhabitants seem “concerned” about interacting with the wayward Americans (at least initially). There is no telephone anywhere in the village nor is there any electricity or signs of automobiles.

Of course, there is a perfectly sensible reason for these oddities. The village only appears for one day every 100 years! What could be more logical?

Actually, it makes for a great story as the two 20th century Americans have to try to figure out just what is going on with this strange town. And, as you probably would suspect, one of the modern era hunters falls madly in love with a beautiful Scottish lassie (that’s a girl, not a misnamed collie) and must make the most difficult decision of his life.

That decision boils down to whether he should abandon all he knows and become part of the village of Brigadoon or return back to New York City and forget what he has seen and the girl he loves. And there are several complications that occur that makes this choice even more difficult that one would expect.

The Milledgeville Players have done many great classic musicals over the years, from “Guys and Dolls” and “Pajama Game” to “HMS Pinafore” and “Annie Get Your Gun.” But “Brigadoon” certainly ranks among the most unique plays your favorite local community theater group has ever taken on.

Now, the actual production dates are still a bit in the future — Aug. 16-19. And the show will be in your favorite parking space challenged facility, Russell Auditorium.

But there will be LOTS of things going on before the actual production. Among them will be auditions.

Auditions will take place during the latter part of June. But several details still must be worked out regarding exact dates and times. But as soon as those dates are finalized, everyone reading this column will be among the first to know.

In fact, by the next time The Union-Recorder prints my ponderous postings, everything should be set, and I will thrill and chill you with details. Also, you can check out that wonderful website known as As soon as audition dates, as well as any other pertinent information, are finalized, they will be posted on that internet masterpiece.

But start making those plans now. “Brigadoon” will require quite a cast of singers, dancers and barkers ready to sell their goods “Down on MacConnachy Square.” More audition details will be provided in the next column but if you have ever debated about trying out for a musical, this is your chance!! You can be part of a timeless play (literally!) with some of the most memorable music this side of a “Pia Zadora’s Greatest Hits” album.

And besides, being in a big old honking musical is one hell of a lot of fun!

You can figure there will be lots more regarding “Brigadoon” over the next few months. But let me also take this coveted newsprint space to remind folks that I love to publicize other events happening in the Milledgeville area.

Summer tends to be the slow time in terms of music and theatrical happenings around town. The schools and colleges slow down considerably when it comes to artistic offerings. But that doesn’t mean everything grinds to a hot, humid halt.

So please send any information you have regarding events YOUR organization is putting on. I’ll try to find a way to get it into this column of questionable knowledge. But remember — you need to send the details to me at the electronic mail (how’s that for passé verbiage?) address conveniently located at the end of these wonderful words.

I don’t work for The Union-Recorder, so sending the info to them alone will NOT get it to me. They just allow me this page 5A space that I can occupy between other columns dealing with wayward satellites, cuddly critters and weekly words.

And during the summer months, my column will often be bi-weekly. I’ll wait for the applause to end.... OK, that’s long enough. But it does mean you need to get any information regarding upcoming artistic activities into me as soon as you can. Don’t be shy. Just send it into the aforementioned post-appearing e-mail address.

Back to “Brigadoon.” The major love interest in the play is between the modern-day American, Tommy Albright, and the lovely Scottish lass, Fiona MacLaren. And it’s in the song “Heather on the Hill” where the two of them come to realize that they are developing a very special romantic-type relationship — in spite of what logic dictates to both.

“The mist of May is in the gloamin’, and all the clouds are holding still. So take my hand and let’s go roamin’, through the heather on the hill.”

Catch you on the flip side.

Tom Toney can be reached at