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January 29, 2014

CURTAIN CALL: Renaissance music to be played at the Max Noah Recital Hall

The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — “Everybody’s a dreamer, and everybody’s a star. And everybody’s in showbiz, it doesn’t matter who you are.”

Everybody can certainly be a star the nights of February 21 and 22 as the Milledgeville Players (MVP) present “The Final Cut”, a murder mystery dinner (MMD).

Director Eddie Cheek is trying to get financial backing for his new movie. He fancies himself to be another Alfred Hitchcock, but he’s more like a reborn Ed Wood, Jr.

But Eddie has a lot of problems to deal with, starting with Nova Devoe. She was Eddie’s mistress for about a year, but they just recently broke up after Nova found him in bed with young starlet Cherri Pitt. And Nova “knows” things about Eddie that she uses to keep getting parts in his films.

Rock Stud is Eddie’s lead actor. He’s one of those people who “once” was a big star. But he’s good looking enough and he agreed to do the picture for little salary which makes him just right for the part.

And it’s interesting that Rock agreed to this since Nova is his ex-wife and he owes her lots of alimony. She wants to garnish his wages from this movie to get what’s owed to her.

As for Cherri Pitt - well, let’s just say she is involved with several of the men in our story which means a lot of women are not very fond of her.

And it’s all taking place at a big Hollywood gala/awards banquet. And YOU are among the invited guests.

Now in a MMD, there will be dinner, murders, flirtations, murders, dessert, murders, catfights, and MURDERS! And everyone from the most knowledgeable "cast" member right on down to the MMD novice attendee will be involved.

If you have never been to a MMD presented by the Milledgeville Players, be ready to take part in the adventure. A MMD is not like a basic play where you sit back and watch. You are an active participant! You will be charged with solving the crimes that take place. Heck, there is a good chance that YOU may actually become a victim as the evening progresses.

Now this night of murderous fun is set at a red carpet awards event in Tinsel Town and since the Players love it when folks come dressed in the spirit of the evening, come dressed to kill - pun intended. In fact, a "Best Dressed" award is presented to the folks who really look the part.

Coming in costume is not required, but it does tend to make things a whole lot more fun. And over the years, the Players have found it really helps attendees get into the proceedings and just let themselves go.

Just think about walking down that red carpet all dressed up in some beautiful dress, evening gown, or little strapless number. Maybe you have some special outfit you have been DYING to wear (pun intended) to a special occasion. Here’s your chance!

And for the women out there, YOU should consider dressing up as well. Don’t let the guys have all the fun!

There will also be much prized and cherished awards for the "Best Detective" and the "Most Bumbling Detective". And we’re hoping to have some “special opportunities” available at this particular MMD - photo ops on the red carpet, special benefactor awards, etc. More information on that next week.

That’s Friday and Saturday nights, Feb. 21 and 22 at the new LaFete located on North Columbia Street. Attendees can plan on starting their red carpet walk around 6:30 PM with official murderous proceedings starting around 7:00 PM.

Tickets are $25 each which includes dinner and dessert and the possibility of having YOUR photo taken with Rock Stud. And yes, there will be a cash bar available.

Just head to to make your reservations. You do need to order tickets in advance.

You can also give a call to 478-314-4054 and leave a message for Eddie Cheek’s “girl Friday”. She’ll call you back as soon as she’s gotten the latest script re-write over to the dolly grip and best boy.

OK, moving on to other items, this Saturday evening, February 1, there will be a program featuring selected scenes, monologues, poetry and more to kick off Black History month. The various performances deal with paying tribute to the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the late great playwright August Wilson, and other significant contributors to Black History.

It is scheduled to start at 7:00 PM and is free. It is directed by the wonderful Iona Holder. February is Black History month, so you can sort of figure this performance of scenes and readings is among the first of what are sure to be several events happening around town in celebration.

You can give a call to the theatre department at Georgia College for more information. Their phone number is 478-445-8290.

And I want to give an advance “heads up” for a concert coming up Wednesday, February 5 in Max Noah Recital Hall. The GC Music Department has scheduled the Ensemble Chaconne, which will be performing “Music of Shakespeare’s Time”.

This group specializes in re-creating the music of the Renaissance era, using appropriate instrumentation and vocal stylings. The program will feature such toe tapping tunes as “The Willow Song”, sung by Desdemona before her murder in “Othello”, and “Go from My Window”, from Ophelia’s mad scene in “Hamlet”.

Interesting settings for tunes. Sheesh, and I keep having people tell me that “Carousel” is too depressing for a musical.

More information on this concert next week, but mark it on your calendar. Tickets are $10 and it starts at 7:30 PM.

And don’t forget to start making those plans for getting all spruced up (or mapled up if you have a different tree preference) for the MMD of “The Final Cut”. Make those reservations now before George Clooney buys up all the seats for his ex-girlfriends.

Our opening lyrics deal with the magic of being a movie star. “Celluloid Heroes” is one of my favorite songs from my all-time favorite band, the Kinks. Released in 1972, the song names many of the top actors and actresses of all time, including Greta Garbo, Bela Lugosi, Rudolph Valentino, and George Sanders among others.

It’s something of a bittersweet song describing the joys of being a “celluloid hero” but also the ever present dangers as warned in the lyrics immediately following our opening lines.

“And those who are successful be always on your guard. Success walks hand in hand with failure, along Hollywood Boulevard.”

Catch you on the flip side.


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