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January 14, 2014

CURTAIN CALL: Murder Mystery Dinner readies for the red carpet

The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — Well, it’s been sort of a slow few weeks as the holidays have dominated the activities of so many people.

But as schools are starting back, things will soon be heating up once again here in Milledgeville in terms of artistic gatherings and happenings. So I wanted to get a little advance word out about one of the events that tends to help “kick off’ the new year of dynamic doings.

The Milledgeville Players are looking at doing their Murder Mystery Dinner (MMD) next month, specifically the dates of Feb. 21 and 22. That’s a Friday and Saturday for those who do not yet have their insurance agent’s calendar posted on the wall.

Now, the early part of the year is often the big time for awards ceremonies for movies, music, etc. I’m talking nationwide here, not just little old Milly.

Actually, the very night I’m writing this column, some Golden Globes are being passed out to various anointed celebrities out in Beverly Hills.

And shortly after the MMD takes place, the Academy Awards will be hoisted and distributed.

So what could be a better theme for a MMD than a gala red carpet gathering of the hoi polloi (how’s that for a high fa’lutin’ term?) to celebrate themselves, their achievements, their style, and of course, their money!

“Final Cut” deals with a director trying to get backing for his latest picture from the elite of Tinsel Town by throwing a major dinner/awards function. And what celebrity can possibly resist the possibility of picking up a major award?

In fact, you can figure that many in attendance will be asked to “audition” for a part in his movie. Yes, YOU may be a star!

Tickets for this MMD will be $25 and will soon be available via the Player’s website at  And next week’s column will be chock full of more information.

But as I said, I wanted to get some initial word out this week so folks could start making plans for the weekend of Feb. 21-22. There will be dinner, drinks, murders, and just a lot of strange happenings as the MVP present “Final Cut.”

Until next time, catch you on the flip side.

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