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September 6, 2013

Tech solutions company moves to Central State

Kyle Collins
The Union-Recorder


Along with an Atlanta-based partner, Tom Glover officially started a business technology solutions and IT support company, Cogentes, in January 2007. 

Since then, Glover watched the client base change toward boosting local business productivity as well as handling system management in 32 countries.

The company officially moved into new digs at Central State Hospital's Jones 286 Building as of last Friday doubling the old office square footage. The tight North Columbia Street office is gone.

With help from the Central State Hospital Local Redevelopment Authority (CSHLRA), the lease passed through the State Properties Commission in July. Cogentes is the first new tenant as part of Central State's campus redevelopment efforts.

It took a while for approval, as government doesn't move at the speed of business, according to Glover.

“[CSHLRA Executive Director] Mike Couch and the CSHLRA worked hard to get us in here,” the Cogentes owner said. 

Understanding where the community's future growth lies, Glover said the move was an easy decision.

“Once we started looking at the property and knew what the redevelopment authority was doing, I think this is going to be a hub of growth,” he said. 

After working with major business in the northeast United States having a client clear nearly $2 billion in one year, Cogentes survived the 2009 financial services slump.

Things changed soon after.

“Starting in 2010, we stepped back and reevaluated what we were doing and who we wanted to be as a company. We didn't want to deal with mega companies anymore,” Glover said. “It's pretty obvious you are a number to them. The idea of having 200 small businesses opposed to having three mega customers was a big thing.”

Cogentes finds money saving avenues through technology upgrades or better use of existing equipment. 

“A lot of times it's helping them spend their technology money more wisely,” Glover said. “We've seen customers buy off the shelf computers that are consumer grade and use them in business and wonder why every year they have to replace them. It's not hardware meant for everyday business dependability.”

Several customers with outdated in-house email equipment facing $6,000 for upgrades can pay $80 monthly to receive the same service through Cloud technology.

The firm is the “go-to” Microsoft Cloud partner in the middle Georgia area.

A growing number of consumers and small businesses are opting to back up their data online for the flexibility and safety that Cloud backup services offer. 

Clients can avoid costly server upgrades and simplify IT management with Microsoft Office 365, a cloud-based productivity service hosted by Microsoft that provides anywhere access to familiar Office applications, email, calendar, video conferencing, and most up-to-date documents across laptops, tablets and smartphones.

No more business killing down time.

“When you go to someone like Microsoft, they've got you spread over several data centers across the world, and it's just not down. The Internet at your office may go down, but odds are your cell phone still has coverage,” Glover said.

The days of one work computer are long gone. Glover said it’s amazing how connected all generations are becoming.

“You've got more at your fingertips but when something goes wrong, the world stops spinning,” he said. “That's where the other side of our service the pure support model comes in. If they have an issue, nine times out of 10 when can log in remotely and take care of it right off the bat.”

Cogentes features expanded online marketing as well. 

Marketing Director Tamara Siragusa came on board offering web design, development, content management, social media integration and online reputation management to name a few services.

Glover said having the extra room at Jones 286 opens opportunities for other complementary business partners. Web designers Goebel Media Group came over also. 

Cogentes will soon become Milledgeville’s first Bicycle Friendly Business boosted by the convenient location.


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