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October 18, 2013

Pure Chiropractic Milledgeville renews body’s natural connections

Kyle Collins
The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — Subluxation or misalignment of the spine occurs when one or more of the bones displace. A certified chiropractor can properly reconnect the spine to energize the nervous system and the body’s natural healing power.

After practicing solely at Lake Oconee, Pure Chiropractic opened an additional Milledgeville location on Log Cabin Road in June 2012.

Founder and owner Dr. Ted Smith isn’t a pain reliever chiropractor. 

“I don’t want to ever talk about symptoms,” Smith said. “I want to talk about function.”

The best way to describe the chiropractic lifestyle is an inside out approach to wellness.

“Most people are looking for something different,” Smith said. “People are starting to understand that drugs aren’t working. There is a time and a place for it, but it should be your last resort not your first.”

Director of Operations Hannah R. Goss said maintaining a healthy spine and nervous systems is vital for kids and adults.

“The adjustment only takes a few minutes, but it’s what happens once your brain is reconnected with your body that’s so powerful. The healing continues for hours after a person leaves that table,” Goss said.

Overcoming misconceptions through education is a daily routine. People generally don’t know what a chiropractor does.

“Most people don’t truly understand what chiropractic is even if they’ve been adjusted,” Goss said. “A chiropractor removes the nerve interference, so the body can do what it was made to do.” 

Chiropractors aren’t just back or neck doctors.

Goss said usually by the time the back pain comes there are other related health issues involved.

The brain and spinal link forms seven hours after conception. All other body parts follow suit.

Pure Chiropractic believes medicine seeks to treat the part, while chiropractic looks at the power source. The practice ensures the link from the brain to body part or organ is 100 percent connected.

“Typically, you either won’t have a problem, or your part will continue to heal once you release the power back to it,” Goss said. 

A healthy spine maintains three flowing curves from the neck, mid-back and lower back. Those curves mean no stress or strain on the spinal cord letting the brain efficiently communicate with the nervous system.

Life events displace the spinal bones thereby placing strenuous pressure on a given nerve feeding a vital body part, according to Goss.

“Sometimes that results in pain and sometimes it doesn’t,” she said. “You only feel 10 percent of your nervous system. By the time you have pain, you could have a tremendous problem in the 90 percent you don’t feel.”

Digestion, allergies and insomnia are just a few related issues that can disappear after adjustments.

The first spinal trauma happens during birth. Infants checked post-birth tend to not develop ear infections, sleeplessness and other common issues, according to Goss. 

“Many people don’t realize it’s not only appropriate to adjust children but it’s actually recommended,” Goss said. “We’ve found over time that if you can help keep a child healthy rather than wait for an adult to break down things just seem to work better.”

Pure runs a “family practice” with 80 percent of the visitors being entire families. The practice falls in line with a truly healthy lifestyle such as proper exercise, sleep and diet.

“Normal function” surprises people. Smith enjoys taking care of the incredible machine that is the body. 

“Believe it or not God made a body that can heal itself,” the chiropractor said. “There is not an organ, tissue or cell that’s not controlled by nerves so every part of the body when you get adjusted has an increased chance to heal. It’s a different concept. People are opening up to it.”

Smith does free health and wellness talks for any clubs, businesses or churches interested. 

This coming Tuesday Pure Chiropractic will hosts “Dinner with the Doc” at the 130 Log Cabin location. Visitors partake in a workshop with free food.

Call 478-457-0003 or visit for more information.

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