The Union Recorder

May 9, 2014

B&E Wireless offers more to customers

Felicia Cummings
The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — Since July last year, B&E Wireless has expanded its services to go beyond mobile phones.

In its new location at 1686 N. Columbia St., owner Brian Swanson has expanded the business to include a wide selection of services. Beyond cellphone options, B&E Wireless also offers custom made trophies, GameStop video games in both Playstation and Nintendo Wii formats and a varied selection of DVDs for $3.

"We're like three stores in one," Swanson said. "The store has come a long way since its time at the mall."   

In April of 2010 Swanson first opened up B&E Wireless, serving customers' mobile phone needs from a kiosk in the Milledgeville Mall.

Swanson got the idea to open the business from his previous experience working in wireless communications.

"I used to work for Alltel in Valdosta, but when Verizon took over and my dad's Alzheimer’s progressing, I decided it was time to come to Milledgeville and try my hand at my own business," Swanson said.

He also saw a need for a prepaid cellphone business in Milledgeville and reasoned that his store would see much success, he added.

B&E Wireless has become one of the top dealers in no contract prepaid phone services, both locally and regionally.

Added to his mobile phone service selection is Page Plus and h20 unlimited wireless prepaid contracts.

Swanson's business is so successful in sales that he recently received notice from a Page Plus representative informing him that his business is one of the top 100 dealers of its product within a five state service area.

"I usually get between 500 to 600 customers a month," he said.

He recently added h20 unlimited wireless service to his inventory and has quickly become the master dealer for the company, he added.

The store also offers Budget Mobile, a free government subsidized cellphone service for individuals who meet certain criteria. To qualify, customers must be assisted by one of the following government assistance agencies: a low income Home Energy Assistance program, federal housing assistance Section 8, recipient of SNAP benefits, or receive Medicaid.

"Just come in the store to see if you meet the qualifications. If you do, you'll be set up with service and a phone within 10 minutes," Swanson said.

Store hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday. For more information on any service offered by B&E Wireless call 478-410-9510.