The Union Recorder

April 18, 2014

Between the Lines facility available for serious practice

Kyle Collins
The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — Four partners came together to purchase an 8,000-square foot facility for baseball and softball development.

Between the Lines, located inside the Columbia Center on Hammock Road, opened three weeks ago and already boasts 10 members.

Jason Scott, Spencer Bass, Brian Hopkins and Jeff Sweat jumped with the business idea.

Three of the men coach youth travel teams in the area.

A minimum six-month membership at $50 per month grants 24-hour access to the softball and baseball hitting and pitching training grounds.

“You get a key and can come whenever you want to if you are a member,” Bass said. “We do team practices and individual also.”

Team membership and rates per-visit are also available. It’s $30 each visit for non-members, which grants an hour and half at Between the Lines.

Bass said the location near North Columbia Street is a plus.

“The main thing is having a local place that people can get to easily,” Bass said.

The space includes netted batting cages with pitching machines, multiple training stations for tee work and soft toss drills and stations for various agility and fitness training activities. Two cages have a home plate and softball pitching rubber at 35 feet and 43 feet.

There are multiples pitching mounds in a non-netted lane for baseball pitching practice. Balls are provided.

From high school ages to a 6-year-old softball player that started working at the indoor facility, Between the Lines could turn into a breeding ground for talent.

Former Georgia College softball standout Haley Burnett offers lessons.

Burnett is No. 1 all-time in Bobcats home runs, No. 2 in RBI, and a three-time Peach Belt Conference and All-Region First Team member.

The Bobcat alum also made 106 pitching appearances for Georgia College throughout her career.

“(Burnett) does individual pitching and hitting lessons,” Bass said. “She is very detailed. Drills are how you get better.”

Swing mechanics is a starting point at Between the Lines. Lesson rates run from $30 for a half to $50 for the full hour depending on age.

As for baseball, the ownership hopes to hold monthly clinics for players and parents featuring a well-known coach and/or local players.

“This will help the parents and kids see what they have to do to prepare for college ball,” Bass said.

The first month of business has been good. Poor weather ties up the ownership phone lines.

Visit the Between the Lines Facebook page for weekly updates and rate specials as the facility grows its programming.

For questions regarding membership or the facility call Bass at 478-251-0943, Hopkins at 478-456-6776 or Scott at 478-290-5648.

“We want it to be easy to have a place where people can just go, and they aren’t worried about when it’s open. That was always the trouble in Milledgeville,” Bass said. “Our motto is no excuses, outwork your opponent. You have no reason now to not work or have a place to do it.”

The local high school and youth softball teams are stout. Between the Lines strives to get baseball up to that par.

“Our main thing is trying to get kids better,” Bass said. “That’s the benefit of it all right there.”