The Union Recorder

April 11, 2014

Flooring America celebrates 30 years

Felicia Cummings
The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — What started out as a carpet surplus warehouse evolved into a franchise of flooring and design possibilities.

As Darrell Black, owner of Flooring America of Milledgeville, prepares for the company’s 30th anniversary, he can recall how the business first started and how it has progressed through the years. He said he first opened his carpet surplus warehouse on East Walton Street in May 1984.

“We moved to a location on Hancock Street by the river bridge in December of 1985,” said Black. “We stayed there for 20 years until we moved to our location now and became Flooring America.”  

Now that it is part of a nationwide franchise, the business was given the opportunity to move beyond carpet.

“We started out doing carpet only but expanded to all floor covering options,” he said.

Flooring America has a wide selection in carpets as well as hardwood, laminate, vinyl and tile flooring.  

Every Flooring America store is locally owned, allowing each owner to continue to provide a level of personal service to clientele.  

As the business continues to expand, Black said his employees continue to keep up with the new tools, equipment and products of the trade, ensuring that they are always ahead of the game.

“There are many choices in flooring today, and it can be hard for a customer to know where to begin,” he said. “It helps that our staff are always knowledgeable and know exactly what to show the customer.”

The well-equipped staff is the secret of the continued success throughout the 30 years of the company, he added.

“Having the right people working with you makes a lot of difference. Every general is only good as his army.”

To celebrate its 30-year anniversary, Flooring of America will host a 30 rug giveaway. Beginning April 28 and continuing for 30 days into May, a rug will be given away to a lucky person each day.

“You can come by the store to sign up, and we’re going to start calling out the winner’s name on the radio starting on the 28th,” said Black.

Winners will be announced on Z97 and Country 102 radio stations. Sign-up is available throughout the giveaway.

“We’ve designated 50 designer rugs that run between $120 to $150 each for winners to choose from, but if they decide they would prefer one of the larger more expensive rugs they can cash in their winnings for a $100 discount on it.”

Winners will also take a publicity photo at the store, which will run in an ad each day in the newspaper.

Other events to help celebrate the 30th anniversary are also in the works, but no definite dates have been set as of yet.

“We’re excited about our 30 years and looking forward to many more,” said Black.

He noted that sales in March were the best the company has seen in five years. He hopes the trend will continue in April.

New inventory has been shipped in, and the staff is busy tagging new items and placing them in the showcase room.

Flooring America of Milledgeville is located on Highway 22 West. Store hours are 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday; 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday.  

For more information call 478-452-0111.