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November 8, 2013

Need a Nerd repairs prized personal electronics

Kyle Collins
The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — Sometimes we don’t realize how much a smartphone means to daily function until it takes a destructive hit. A local small business can fix what ails any personal device quickly and professionally.

Need a Nerd, located at 120 N. Wayne St., knows that smartphones and computers are extremely important.

The outfit calls itself “Middle Georgia’s No. 1 solution for all of your cell phone repair and computer repair needs.”

The tech experts specialize in iPhone, smartphone, iPod, iPad, PC and Mac repairs and much more. 

“If your electronic has a power button, there is a good chance we can repair it,” states the business website.

Co-owner Tommy Cook credits Mark Brownlow with the Need a Nerd startup.

Brownlow approached Digital Bridges in summer 2012 searching for a small business space to handle his device repairs.

“(Brownlow’s) traffic started picking up a lot since he had a physical location, where people could come and drop stuff off. He had 10 or 12 people waiting on him at the time, and we saw there was a lot of potential for growth with his business. We tried to do what we could to help him,” Cook said. “That went on for about a year or so, and when we all found out Digital Bridges was going to be sun setting. Mark got a job at Georgia Military College and was going to let the Need a Nerd thing go to the side. We all approached him and asked in exchange for an ownership stake if we could pick it up and run with it.”

Cook, along with other partners Colin Moore, Daniel Pittman and seed supporter David Sinclair, grabbed the banner.

The team located the North Wayne space. Cook said everyone learned how to do the necessary phone, computer and tablet repairs and began operations.

The Wayne Street storefront fit the bill for a startup business. Need a Nerd renovated the space starting in October.

Need a Nerd repairs and replaces anything from screens to buttons to batteries.

“Even if it’s water damage, we’ll take a look at it and see if we can make it work again,” Cook said.

Smartphones account for 70 percent of the business currently. Shattered screens and locked iPhone buttons happen too often, but Need a Nerd returns the device to full health.

“We get them in everyday and can generally turn those around in an hour depending on how many we have lined up,” Cook said. “We can have it back in the same day. I think that’s something that people really appreciate when it comes to cell phones.”

The business also handles virus and malware removal. Slow computers get the attention they deserve.

“You have tons of processes running in the background that you don’t even know are running. We can go through and disable all of those and almost immediately you’ll see a speed increase on your computer,” the co-owner said.

Need a Nerd stocks phone cases including Otterbox, Lifeproof as well as hand-painted custom models. Chargers, headphones and speakers round out any accessories needed.

Offering outsourced information technology services and organizational cell phone repair to small businesses not able to afford a full time person is a future outreach goal. 

Cook wants business expansion with a mobile unit to serve the immediate Middle Georgia area.

Need a Nerd’s personal touch raises customer service.

“It’s easier for us to maintain a level of customer service above any big box retailer,” Cook said. “If something goes wrong, they can bring it right back to us. Personalized attention gets lost in the bigger companies.”

This new business calms electronic frustration weekly.

“We need to get the word out about our services and let people know not to freak out. It’s all right. We will be here to take care of you,” Cook said.

Call 678-561-4349 or email for a quote. lists services, but Cook said they could help out most anywhere a tech issues appears.

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