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January 17, 2013

Skilled barber moves to new operation

Kyle Collins
The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — A true artist is one with his instrument. The best barbers lay out haircuts like personalized paintings.

Dax Bolston's uncle used to cut hair on the front of his grandmother's porch.

As a 14-year-old, Bolston entered the realm.

“I pretty much watched him and decided I wanted to pick up the clippers one day. I've had a hold of these clippers for the last 20 some odd years,” Bolston said.

He learned barbershop business and people skills under Robert Freeman Sr., owner of Freeman's Barber Shop. 

Bolston said he became a master barber before receiving his license, crediting Freeman's schooling with his success in the barbering game.

Honing skills like cutting a quick, clean fade helped Bolston advance into owning a shop for the last 12 years.

The barber considers his abilities deserving of the highest marks with all due respect to industry peers.

“I've graduated to a doctor now,” Bolston said. “A lot of guys with these clippers in their hands are what they call pediatricians.”

He maintained a steady client base over the years even during a move to North Columbia Street six months ago. Designer Kuts by Dax & Company employed up to eight barbers and three beauticians at one time. 

While being a business owner was a life goal, Bolston decided to close up shop this Saturday. He's joining the crew at Ladye's Barber Shop starting next week.

“Twelve years ago my greatest goal was to open up the doors to my own shop. I don't have any flashbacks or negative thoughts about why did I open up a barbershop. I'm looking forward to new challenges,” Bolston said.

Speaking to Ladye's over the last year, the Designer Kuts creator thought a move back to a setting similar to Freeman's where it all started was the perfect change. Joining another local pioneer excites Bolston.

Designer Kuts by Dax now offers cuts at Ladye's Barber Shop. Bolston doesn't want to erase the established brand though it's housed under a new roof.

“Coming to this facility I'm a baby. I appreciate the opportunity she has given me to master myself under her roof. I tolerate no nonsense, and she is pretty much the same,” the barber said.

Bolston's lowest in town price of $10 will bump up to $12 at the new location.

Right now, he is anxious to get to the 701 N. Wayne St. shop and continue providing a high quality service. The stress goes with the storefront closing.

Bolston doesn't worry about pulling customers along. Most have followed his booth around town through the years.

“One of my greatest prayers now is to get where I'm going and settle in. I think I have a strong 15 years left in this barbering game,” Bolston said. “People have come along with me. The customers are going to pretty much go with me to the end.”

He opens at Ladye's Monday. Call (478) 456-8959 for appointments or other information. 

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