The Union Recorder

January 3, 2013

Golf Cart City handles popular demand

The Union-Recorder


Golf Cart City (GCC) owner Darrell Brantley purchased the outfit in 2007 and has seen the cart business grow ever since.

The shift from four-wheeler popularity to utility golf carts opened up an opportunity.

Brantley said staff would work on four-wheelers, lawn mowers and even refurbish carts to the customers’ liking.

GCC can customize carts by installing special seats, radios, graphics and raising or lowering the suspension. For outdoor type applications, special enclosures and camouflage are possible additions.

No one buys carts for golf use, according to Brantley. 

“Everybody that buys them is either babysitting grandchildren or driving to the mailbox. It keeps people active a lot longer in their life,” Brantley said. “People use them on farms and to hunt. Every time I think I know what someone uses the carts for someone comes in here with a different idea.”

One of the main cart uses is for shuttle purposes at restaurants or weddings. GCC rents for special events. 

Surprisingly, the cart business continues to get better. The specialized nature of the repairs benefits the local cart shop.

Cart mechanics aren't like anything else. 

Coming into the industry, Brantley assumed that gas powered carts would be the main seller, but the electric motors trump gas. Electric parts are reasonably priced, and the carts are easy to maintain.

Customers in need of repairs have come from as far away as Mississippi. While the cart shop has sold vehicles from South Carolina to Florida, the main business sweet spot is Greene, Putnam, Washington, Baldwin, Wilkinson and Jones counties.

GCC stocks parts and also handles repair work on cart chargers. Staff will pick up and deliver most anywhere.

Maintaining quick service is the cornerstone.

“We don't care where you buy the carts we will be glad to work on them. We try to turn stuff around in a hurry because people count on them,” Brantley said.

Visit the or email for specifics. Call the 601 N. Jefferson St. location directly at (478) 454-2278.