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April 12, 2013

Southside tractor supplier still strong

Kyle Collins
The Union-Recorder


Billy Brack’s Southside Equipment Company stands as a true iconic Milledgeville storefront. Starting in 1983 and still going strong 30 years later, Southside Equipment fills lawn, garden and tractor needs on the south side of town.

“It’s wonderful. We appreciate the community and all of our customers,” Brack said. “We try to look after them. I love doing what I do.”

Formerly, Brack ran an automobile repair shop from a leased building across the street from the current 140 E. Andrews St. location. John Deere approached in 1982 asking if he would consider taking on the product line. 

“I didn’t want to make changes to the leased building, so I turned them down,” the Southside Equipment owner said.

Soon after the auto repair shop moved. Brack decided to give John Deere a low profile run.

By 1984 that business took off and grew each year since.

Southside still pushes John Deere but expanded over the last decade to Kubota. Current inventory features Honda, Stihl, Exmark, Land Pride and Bush Hog.

“It’s been good for us to offer the different lines of equipment,” the owner said.

The family operated business handles sales, service, parts and financing.

Brack’s three sons are along for the ride. Familiar customer service contributes to Southside Equipment’s word of mouth fueled longevity.

“They grew up in it. They’ve been here since Southside Equipment Company has existed. People know them by name,” Brack said.

More than 20 employees cover the four established duties. Servicemen are educated on fixing and tuning up the product line.

The first two questions for any tractor shopper revolve around the intended use and property size.

“A lot of people that have four or five acres can justify a small tractor,” Brack said. “It’s really a benefit and helpmate for lifting, pushing, tugging and hauling.”

Southside stocks big machinery for large scale farming though the local need isn’t huge. Customers come to the business to purchase lawnmowers and tractors from all over the state and southeast region.

Great financing options provide an incentive for property needs.

Zero percent financing on all Kubota tractors and lawnmowers, as well as John Deere, lasts 60 months with no down payment. Exmark equipment has 48-month zero percent financing with no down payment also.

“We always have good financing on all of the equipment,” Brack said. “Thank God for the financing we’ve got. That makes it easy.”

If a customer has a maintenance problem, Southside looks after each person until satisfied. 

Brack enjoys helping locals because everyone benefits in the long run. He would never think of moving the business from its notable location.

“We’ve been here 30 years, and everybody knows where we are. We know just about everybody in Milledgeville,” he said. “I love this town, and I want us to make a comeback and grow.”

Call Southside Equipment at (478) 452-5523 or 1 (800) 659-6763. Visit them online at

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