The Union Recorder

December 6, 2013

Chaplinwood on cutting edge of health, rehab

Kyle Collins
The Union-Recorder

MILLEDGEVILLE — Chaplinwood Health and Rehabilitation isn’t the stereotypical “nursing home” the 40-year-old stigma might suggest.

The patient-focused facility offers new services in mental wellness, short-term rehab, physical therapy tools and an overall attitude that no one’s life ends when they step through the doors off Allen Memorial Drive.

“We’ve been here a long time, and I think the Chaplinwood name is known in the community,” Lynn Futch, admissions and outreach director, said. “A lot of people still associate the old ways. We want to tell them how we are evolving. People still remember the nursing home, but we are health and rehab.”

Short-term Integra rehab programs for physical, occupational and speech-language therapy reveal tangible results. 

Chaplinwood’s mental wellness community opened one year ago with a 20-bed secure unit handling behavioral or case-by-case management. A psychiatrist is on staff at Chaplinwood also.

“We are a melting pot of all services. If somebody should need rehab or mental wellness as well as bariatric, we accommodate all those needs. There are very few patients that would ever be turned away,” Futch said. “We work hard with our patients to get the care that they need and help them get back home when they are ready.”

Currently, Chaplinwood has 96 in-house patients with varying terms of stay. 

An OmniVR unit uses virtual reality to encourage patients to be more active. With the help of therapists, patients may participate in walking and balance exercises, memory activities, seated and upper body exercises, as well as wheelchair activities.

Any person with a fear factor of movement due to a severe fall or other trauma routinely finds himself or herself laughing and completing the virtual challenges.

“It’s presented in a fun way,” Futch said.

Chaplinwood Administrator Cora Young said the health and rehab center averages 108 associates.

“We teach our associates how to treat and take care of our residents,” Young said. “That helps families have confidence that their loved one is getting taken care of.”

Nurse practitioners and telemedicine elevate the level of care.

Young said family sit-downs at admission settle short- and long-term expectations for care.

New technology shows growth. Chaplinwood has Wi-Fi Internet access among other things to go the extra step for comfort.

“We are trying to come up with more and better ways to provide the care,” Young said.

Futch said the health and rehab center pushes individuals as far as they can go in a supportive way.

Wound care services, a dietitian on staff, and socialization programs help the facility feel “homey” and less like an institution. 

Patient expectations and goals are reached over and over again. Futch loves running into familiar faces in the community.

“We are trying to educate on the rehab side of things that it’s not a negative thing to go to Chaplinwood,” Futch said. “Once people get here, they see that it’s a very friendly environment and home like. We genuinely care.”

Chaplinwood is located at 325 Allen Memorial Drive. Call 478-453-8514 to learn about service models.